PROFESSOR VAPE 50 M Shortfill E Liquid Vape Juice 70/30 + 1 FREE NIC SHOT


PROFESSOR VAPE 50 M E-Liquid Vape Juice  70/30 VG PG Shortfill 0mg 3mg

All Bottles are 0mg= 50 M

3mg= 1 x Nicotine Shot will be sent= 60 M


Academic Mint e-liquid by Professor Vape is an out of this world cool minty sensation.

All Tuned by Professor Vape is a subtle blend of Parma Violet, with tinges of Aniseed, Menthol & Sweet Eucalyptus. All these unusual flavours combined together makes this a vape that you will try and want to try again and again.

Berry Blizzard e-liquid by Professor Vape is a unique blend of exotic forest fruits.

Bliss e-liquid  by Professor Vape is a combination of Banana, Toffee and Whipped Cream. You can see why this is called Bliss. This absolutely delicious vape is just perfect.

Blue Lab-Shake e-liquid  by Professor Vape is selected Blueberries with freshly added milk. Creamy and smooth Blueberry flavoured shake that will have you wanting more.

Hidden Agenda e-liquid  by Professor Vape is Blackcurrant laced with a hint of Menthol. A sweet and cooling vape that will leave you feeling invigorated. 

Lab Dessert e-liquid by Professor Vape is a Peaches and Cream flavoured vape that is blended to perfection.

Lab-Shake e-liquid by Professor Vape is a Fresh Banana and Milk combination. This is a creamy and smooth vape with just the right amount of Banana flavour that isn’t to over powering.

Zesty Menthol Blitz e-liquid  by Professor Vape is a Rich, Fruity fragrance spiked with a dash of Menthol to pleasure the experience. This is a favourite of ours.

PHD e-liquid  by Professor Vape is a sweet Strawberry and Watermelon fusion. Lip licking and mouth tingling excellence.

Pink Potion e-liquid  by Professor Vape is Pink Lemonade flavour with crushed Ice. This super vape has the balance between sweet and bitterness just perfectly. You can really feel the fizz on exhale.

Strawberry IQ e-liquid  by Professor Vape is rare succulent Strawberries and finest Fresh cream. Very indulgent and moreish.

Sweet Incentive e-liquid by Professor Vape is an Ultimate Melon Blend. Fresh, Juicy Melon flavours in this vape certainly is a sweet treat.

Fruit Revelation E-Juice  by Professor Vape is a Fruity combo sensation. Sweet, ripe and juicy fruit flavours all blended together to create this great tasting vape.

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