Nerdy Range 50ml


Looking for a range with a bit of intelligence?

The nerds have been working in their lab to create these new mind bending flavours. All 80/20 mix

Cherry & Lemon. Sweet and sour is the perfect mix isnt it? Think sugar and lemon, Coke & Lime and yes.. Cherry & Lemon.

Fizzy Lemon Sherbert. Inspiration coming straight from the sweets, this juice is indistinguishable from the real thing!

Guava & Mango. Are you reminiscing about holidays in sunny destinations? Get ready for some taste time travel. 

Melon & Berry. Only the cleverest of nerds could have come up with this one. Did you know that melon is also a berry? 🤓

Strawberry & Melon. What a sweetie. Take two of the best flavours and mix them up and this is what you get!

Nic Shot Included

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