Just Jam Sponge Range Vape E Liquid All Flavors + 2 FREE NIC SHOTS


A Brand New Item With His Original Packing

Just Jam Sponge Range Vape E Liquid 100ml 

Just Jam Vanilla Sponge

 A true British icon. We've all had it, now vape it! Take a trip down memory lane and treat your taste buds to a decedent and magnificent vanilla sponge. 

Just Jam Lemon Sponge

 Zesty yet comforting, this scintillating and tangy lemon sponge cake is a must have for all dessert lovers.

Just Jam Original Sponge

  The time tested classic Just Jam has been spread lovingly atop the most delectably fluffy sponge base.

Just Jam Ginger Sponge

 Providing a warmth and comforting flavour, Ginger Sponge from Just Jam supplies not only a classic ginger spice, but a comforting and sumptuous sponge base.

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