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FJ's E-Liquid 50ml 0mg + ONE FREE NIC SHOT



Churronimo:  Churronimo E-liquid! Indulge in the flavor of rich, cinnamon crusted churros, filled with creamy vanilla bean ice cream, lightly dusted with brown sugar to bring it all together.  


Cookie Craze: Cookie Craze E-liquid delivers! FJ's E-liquids jam-packed the flavor of sweet sugar cookies with creamy vanilla ice cream and fresh strawberry to bring you a blend that takes cookie flavor to a whole other level!  


Lair :  Fj's E-liquid conquered this flavor, with rich notes of creamy Bavarian cream teamed up with pineapple and dragon fruit to create a legendary tropical flavor that you'll want to vape again and again  


XOXO : XOXO eliquid from FJ�s totally raised the bar with this flavor. It�s like getting kisses and hugs from grandma right in your atomizer ... the one you really liked ... who baked tasty treats and gave them to you behind your parent's back.  


Frozen :  This fruity, minty e-juice mashes crisp kiwi and refreshing watermelon with a splash of icy koolada to make even the abominable snowmen quite jealous. When you�re chillin� like a polar bear (or even a yeti), drop Frozen in your tank and have your taste buds feel the freeze.  


Bae: Sorbet takes on a tropical flair with this delectable mango flavor that will quickly become your new vape Bae. This phenomenal flavor takes a decidedly tasty turn with lovely notes of smooth ice cream to complete this FJ�s e-liquid. Make Bae e-liquid your new boo!  

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