Fcuking Flava 50ml
Fcuking Flava 50ml
Fcuking Flava 50ml
Fcuking Flava 50ml

Fcuking Flava 50ml

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50/50 mix, 1 Nic shot included with every bottle

Yummay Guava

A total must-try, especially if you like cold and fruity vape juices, Yummay Guava is truly delectable.

One of the most sweet, fragrant and juicy types of guava, the pink guava – also known as the apple guava – is the perfect fruit to inspire a vape juice flavour.

The aroma is distinguishable from the moment you pop open a bottle of this flavour. On the inhale, take in the sweet, juiciness of pink guava. Hold the vapour in your mouth and wait for the sweet-sourness to take over.

The exhale is fresh fruitiness that will make you think of sunbathing on a tropical island beach.

Fcukin Munkey

This is a straight-up honeydew fruity vape flavour. There may be a mass of honeydew flavours in the vape market but not every flavour gets the honeydew notes right.

One of the best things about honeydew is how cleanly fragrant it is. As its name suggests, there are hints of honey in its scent. If it’s a good fruit, you’ll know that when you bite into its flesh, it will be sinfully juicy.

Eating it chilled on a hot day feels like heaven. Fcukin Munkey totally nails down this feeling.

The juice itself is chock-full of honeydew fragrance. And that’s only the beginning. Wait for the rich, cold, juicy honeydew flavours to open up even more in your mouth on the inhale.

Strawberry Jello

Another fruity vape flavour that simple yet complex at the same time, Strawberry Jello is a cooling strawberry flavour that’s perfect for those who can’t get enough of strawberries.


The inhale is fresh, slightly chilled strawberries, with a flavour that opens up even more in your mouth.

Now, here is when this flavour becomes more complex: the exhale contains hints of strawberry jelly that’s full of strawberry yumminess.

Freezy Pineapple

It may seem like you can’t go wrong when you base your vape juice off a single fruit. But I’ve tasted so many pineapple flavours that never really manage to hit the spot.

Smashin’ Lemonade

While I’m not a fan of lemon-based flavours (I don’t even enjoy lemon-flavoured candy), this is one lemon flavour that I can appreciate. A perfectly-balanced blend of lemon and tangerine, Smashin’ Lemonade packs all the punch and sourness of lemon, with hints of tangy, sweet effervescence from the tangerine.

Philippines Mango

The Philippines is famous for its juicy, sweet, fully ripe mangoes that burst open with the flavour and fragrance so unique to mangoes. Philippines Mango captures the essence of this mango and delivers a full-bodied flavour with every puff of this fruity vape flavour.