Fantasi Mix Ice Malaysian


Fantasi Premium Fruity Malaysian E-Liquid - 55ml Short Fill Bottles!

Fantasi E-liquids originate in Malaysia have taken the world by storm. Their icy cool yet fruity burst flavours have gained them quite a following, and we can’t say that we’re surprised. Using top grade ingredients and working hard to produce innovative new flavours that are as unique as their branding.

E-Liquid Flavour Profiles:

*NEW* Strawberry & AppleSweet Strawberry & Apple!

*NEW* WatermelonJuicy Watermelons!

*NEW* Mango & GrapeSweet Mango's with Ripe Grape!

MangoMango Soda...Just like the drink!

OrangeOrange Soda...Just like the drink!




AppleApple Soda...Just like the drink!

LemonadeLemon Soda...Just like the drink!

GrapeGrape Soda...Just like the drink!



Please Note
Each bottle is Short-fill 55ml  Add 10ml Nic Shot become 65ml Liquid.
Add 1.8mg X 1 Nicshot  to make it a 3mg liquid. 
The Nic shot will have to be added to the liquid yourself

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 not sell to persons that are under 18 years old."