Dinner Lady E Liquid Vape Summer Holiday 50mI - ALL FLAVOURS+ FREE NIC. SHOT

Dinner Lady E Liquid Vape Summer Holiday 50mI - ALL FLAVOURS+ FREE NIC. SHOT

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shortfill range 
50 0mg 
60 3mg nicotine shot will be sent to make it 3mg 
  • 70% VG / 30% PG 0mg /3mg


Blackcurrant and Oranges with many more accompaniments... all combined into one kick-ass burst of flavor with ice


A Complex blend with a simple taste. Alfonso, honey, unripe mango. Combined with ice for a taste of paradise.


Strawberry, smashed with ice and dropped into a cloudy lemonade, bursting at the seams with sharp lemony goodness.


Deliciously authentic cola with a twist of lemon, served on the rocks. Guaranteed to quench your vaping thirst.


We took a huge Citrus burst and offset it with Asian Lychee, and a liberal splash of ice, to deliver a taste of sunshine. 


Fresh apples mixed with a perfect blend of caramelised brown sugar, with a hint of cinnamon

Flavour Notes: Apple, Cinnamon, Brown Sugar 

Lemon Tart 

Lemon tart by Dinner Lady tastes like sharp, delicious lemon curd topped with gooey meringue cradled in thin pastry crust that will wet your appetite.


Dinner Lady Orange Tart is a creamy zesty orange base, on a bed of sweet pastry with a subtle hint of biscuit crunch.

Flavour Notes: Orange, Biscuit, pastry 


Warm British blackberries topped with a crispy, buttery crumble.

Flavour Notes: Blackberries, Butter, Pastry 

Strawberry Custard

Strawberry Custard by Dinner Lady features a blend of Strawberries and Custard, along with notes of Caramel.

Berry Tart

A warm and succulent mix of stewed English forest berries in a crisp and buttery pie crust to warm your bones this winter. 

Mango Tart

A juicy tropical twist on a dinner lady classic brings together a sweet and slightly tart Mangoes in a warm and buttery pie crust with slight creamy background notes.

Cola Cabana 

Dinner Lady Cola Cabana is a refreshing cola vape mixed with a cherry punch 

Guava Sunrise

Dinner Lady Guava Sunrise is a melody of Guava and Cream with a hint of refreshing pineapple.

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