Coil Glaze E-Liquid


Available in

3 x 10ml = 30ml

Whipped Dreamz from Coil Glaze is a strawberry snack cake flavour e-liquid filled with whipped strawberry cream and topped with strawberry syrup.

Them Applez from Coil Glaze is a baked cobbler flavour e-liquid with an apple cinnamon filling and with a hint of whipped cream.

Honey Bunz from Coil Glaze is a pastry flavour e-liquid mixed with cinnamon sugar and topped with a honey glaze icing.

Berry Bluez from Coil Glaze is a blueberry pastry flavour e-liquid with whipped cream and a hint of powdered sugar.


VG: 80% Vegetable Glycerin

PG: 20% Propylene Glycol

Produced in the USA



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