BIG Bottle Co E-Liquid Premium American 120ml 0mg 70/30+ 2 FREE NIC SHOTS


Big Bottle Co.


Grandma’s secret recipe has gotten out, and we’ve harnessed that decadent goodness to create Blueberry Cake. It’s a fluffy cake with bursts of tart blueberry and the crumble topping that only grandmothers can pull off. 

CINNAMON CREAM        VG/PG   85/15

Cinnamon Cream is fluffy cream swirled with cinnamon sugar. The perfect treat to satisfy your nagging sweet tooth.


Electric Lemonade: a tall glass of tangy blue raspberry lemonade with just enough charge to make you want to party all night.

GOOD OL’ CUSTARD          VG/PG   85/15

Here’s a reason vanilla custard is an absolute staple… It just tastes so dang good. Good Ol’ Custard is the perfect bowl full of creamy vanilla custard with a touch of cinnamon sugar and nut. 

JELLY DONUT          VG/PG   80/20

Glazed fresh from the oven, loaded with raspberry jelly, topped with sweet icing and sprinkles.


Pink Lemonade: a fruity, tart glass of Pink Lemonade mixed with berries and freshly squeezed lemon that will make you book your next beach getaway.

STRAWBERRY MILK         VG/PG   80/20

As kids, we were told milk built strong bones… but we refused to drink it unless it was pink. Strawberry Milk is nostalgia in a bottle: sweet strawberry with that milky flavour you can only get in a tall glass at mom’s kitchen table.

SUMMER DRINK       VG/PG   85/15

Grab your shades, throw on some sunscreen, and work on that base tan. Summer Drink is a blackberry peach lemonade that will have you longing for 95 degree weather and some poolside lounging.

Chilled Mango       VG/PG 70/30  – A wonderfully sweet, ripe mango chilled to perfection

Carnival Apple       VG/PG 70/30 – A tart, juicy apple dipped in sweet, gooey caramel

Patch’s       VG/PG 70/30 – Watermelon Raspberry Gummy Rings

Wild Berry Limeade    VG/PG 70/30   – Fresh & Fruity Wild Berry Limeade

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