AT HOME DOE E-LIQUID by Yorkshire Vaper TYV Shortfill + 2 FREE NIC SHOTS


At Home Doe E-Liquid by The Yorkshire Vaper 100ml Short Fill 0mg VG/PG 75/25 Short Fill

Warrant Shek-it

A Pomegranate & Kiwi medley blended with Sweet Sweet Lychee.

Rottle Shek-it

Take Rottle by the bottle, a mashup of Caribbean fruits, mango, guava, pineapple...

Maj Shek-it

A decadent sugared churro with strawberry sauce.

Crown Shek-it

The absolute king of orange... All orange... All day long!

8:30PM Shek-it

Refreshing and fruity, tropical fruit salad.

6:00AM Shek-it

A sweet treat of blue raspberry sugared candy.

The shape of the bottle may vary due to the manufacturers production , the quality of product is guaranteed 

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