100ml One Hit Wonder - MAN SERIES + 2 nic shots


The Man
A delectable blend of strawberry fruit and cream. The Milk Man E Juice features notes of uniquely refreshing milk cream on the inhale followed by subtly sweet undertones of fresh strawberries that builds over the course of each vape. 100% handcrafted in Los Angeles,
Rocket Man
Sit back and prepare for lift off with Millk Man's delightful flavor Rocket Man e juice! This flavor by One hit wonder e juice gives you the perfect balance of a lightly tart Greek yogurt, blended with fresh mountain blueberries and savory granola clusters. This harmonious blend of subtle yet sweet tartiness on the inhale, with a palate cleansing creamy exhale will have your taste buds sent into a never before seen orbit!
Muffin Man
This stimulating flavor will bring back the memories of being in the kitchen with grandma baking her homemade cinnamon apple muffins! Bring back your childhood memories with this delicious treat of a flavor, combining slices of Deep Red Washington apples blended with freshly baked cinnamon sugar muffins. On the inhale enjoy a packed flavor of apple muffins with an exhale of sweet cinnamon

My man

My Man by One Hit Wonder has been modeled after the Holy Trinity Ice Cream combo that is the Neapolitan. Combining Vanilla, Strawberry and Chocolate in this tried and tested blend, and balanced perfectly together, the flavours dance on your tongue with each creamy inhale and exhale

Island Man 

Legend has it, the Island Man rose straight out of an ancient volcano with the sole purpose of spreading the most delightful tropical flavors all over the world. Succulent, sweet, island fruits are infused together to create an invigorating wave of fruit punch.

Army Man

Key Lime Pie, a rendition inspired by his Grandma’s secret family recipe. Smooth & Creamy Filling with a generous dollop of Whipped Cream infused with tangy & sweet Key Limes, all resting on a delicious Vanilla Graham Cracker Crust. Freedom never tasted so good!




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