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Vapour E-liquids | Eliquid Types | What is Vape E liquid ?

What is  Vape E liquid ? is the question circulating in the minds of many new vapors .

 Even many of the experienced vapers are still in a state of confusion about what actually goes into vape E liquids. 

What is Vape E liquid ?

It is basically the fluid that is poured into the vaping device to produce vapor.

 How does Vape  E liquid work ?

  • The liquid in the tank of the e-cigarette is heated according to the user preference and then it is changed into  the vapor. 
  • This vapor then travels to your mouth through the vaping device mouthpiece.
  • It is then inhaled and exhaled  by the consumer.

What Vape E liquid is made of ?

  • Propylene glycol or Vegetable glycerin.
  • Food grade Flavouring 
  • Sometimes a mixture of PG (Propylene glycol ) and VG (Vegetable glycerin).
  • Nicotine (but some are free of nicotine too ).

What is Propylene Glycol ?

It is a very thin colourless , odourless fluid.

Function :

  • It helps to distribute the flavour through Vape E liquid.
  • It helps in proper nicotine distribution too.
  • Helps to create a sensation similar to smoking tobacco.
  • Helps to warm up the Vapor
  • Produces smaller clouds

It is not only used in Vape E liquid but in other things like medicines , food colouring etc.

What is food Vegetable Glycerin ?

           It is a thick colourless and odourless liquid (sometimes may have a slight sweet taste)  that is extracted from the Plant oil. So it's all natural.


  • It also helps to distribute the flavour throughout the E liquid just like PG.
  • Helps to produce bigger clouds
  •  Gives a little bit of a sweet taste to the final flavour.

PG and VG are mixed by some manufacturers so that you can get the benefit of both without compromising the taste.

For example you can try our Mango Slush flavour  E liquid at VAPE 360 , which is 70 % VG / 30 % PG. A tropical mango flavour with sweet juicy note and a tart aftertaste is so irresistible.

 What is food grade flavouring ?

Manufacturers use synthetic flavourings to give your e liquid specific taste,For example Vanillin. These are the flavourings that are used in most of the other foods too. Different flavouring compounds are used to produce a specific flavour.


  • It helps to maintain the flavour of Vape E liquid.
  • Helps to give your desired flavour hit.


It is an addictive substance and when it is consumed dopamine chemical is released in your brain. 

Dopamine is the chemical that creates a repetitive pattern in your brain. Which is why when you don't get nicotine your brain asks for it as a pattern has been built up and it results in a craving.

You can get rid of this addiction by using our nicotine free Vaping E liquids at Vape 360. If you find it difficult to get rid of nicotine completely then you can start slowly by lowering the level of nicotine in your E liquid. 

Following table is given as a  reference for nicotine strength selection 

0 mg              If you want to get rid of nicotine completely

8mg                If you are a low smoker , rather a casual one

11mg              If you are a medium nicotine inhaler , like 10 cigarettes in 

                         a day.

16mg               If you are a very high consumer of nicotine 

24mg               It is for people who want extra high dosage of nicotine            




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