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How to choose the best E liquid in 2022?

Choosing is the thing in life which is very difficult , especially when you have got so many choices. In order to make a good and accurate decision we always do some research and then finally make a final decision based on the research.

You have started your journey of Vaping but this question is still circulating in your mind about how you should choose the right E liquid  for you?

You should choose the E-liquid that touches your soul and gives you an experience that you can never forget.

What E liquid is ?

It is the liquid that is heated inside the tank of the vaping device in order to change it into vapour which is inhaled by the consumer. Click below to check out our guide about What are E liquids.

In order to find out how you can choose the perfect E liquid you should keep in mind the Following things before buying

  • Flavour
  • Nicotine strength
  • PG/VG ratio
  • Testing

Choosing the Right Flavour:

Flavour is something very personal , like no one can guess what kind of taste you would love. We can still give you some options that would give you a rough idea of how to choose the one according to your need.

Tobacco Lover

If you have just started your vaping journey by quitting    smoking , then you must be looking for the tastes similar to your favourite cigarette brands. 

At Vape 360 you can find so many tobacco blends designed in order to match the needs of the newuser.

Give a go to our Hangsen Tobacco Mint E liquid which will give you a rich tobacco Inhale with sense-Blasting Minty Taste.

Fruit lover

Are you a bit more on the healthier side or the one who just enjoys the natural goodness of fruits then you should definitely try Vape 360 fruity flavours. 

Select from the wide range of our sweet , tangy and mixed fruit flavours according to your mood and choice.

Try our Berry Menthol flavour which is made by selecting the finest berries juice mixed with the crushed menthol crystals. Try it once and I am 100% sure you will be vaping this flavour the whole day along.

These are only a few options but the list of E liquids keeps going on from Fruity , food to cocktails and exotic flavours.

You should first give a go to the flavours which you already like in real life and then with the time you can keep on experimenting with the new flavours. 

Nicotine Strength

Nicotine levels vary from 0mg to 20mg.In order to find out that which nicotine strength will be suitable for you depends on following

  1. How many cigarettes you consume in a day.
  2. Type of the vaping device you have chosen.

Following table is given for reference:

Nicotine strength Consumer Tank
0mg Nicotine free users DTL
3mg Light Smoker (5 Cigarettes a day) DTL
6mg 10 cigarettes a day MTL and DTL
12mg Medium Smoker (15 cigarettes a day) MTL
18mg to 20 mg Heavy smokers (20 Cigarettes a day ) MTL


Choosing the right E liquid Nicotine strength is very important because too low strength won’t give you that hit and too high will bring the headaches. So choose wisely.

PG/VG ratio

E liquid is either made up of Propylene Glycol(PG) or Vegetable Glycerol. Sometimes it's a mixture of both.

If you want a stronger throat hit then you should go for PG but make sure that you are not allergic to it because many people are allergic to it. So if you face any kind of Allergic reaction after vaping PG then stop using it and go for VG.

VG is bit more on the sweeter side and it produces smoother vape.

A normal PG to VG ratio is 40:60 which gives a balanced experience of both PG and VG qualities.

Testing :

Testing is very important especially when you have to decide from so many options.It is always better to test your E liquid before buying the final product.

Different combos of E Liquid with different nicotine strength levels result in a totally different final product that you Inhale. 

You may like Cherry Flavour of one brand and at the same time you may not like it of some other brand. Reason is quite obvious that different Brands make the E liquid with different mixing ratios.

Worried about how you can test a product online, you need not to worry because different brands offer a tester bag with different flavours that you can easily purchase.

So keep on testing until you find the one whose rhythm matches your soul.

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