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Beginners Guide To Vape Pens

What are vapour pens? How they are used? Are these questions circulating in your mind? If yes then you don’t need to worry as this article will help to answer most of your questions regarding vapour pens.

What are Vapour Pens?

The power source that is used to heat up a vape tank is known as a vapour pen or vape pen. Vape pens are pocket sized hence can be easily carried everywhere. As these devices are battery-powered so they can be recharged and used again and again. Vape pens offer larger battery capacity, longer running times and the benefit of changing atomisers according to your requirements.

How to Use a Vapour Pen?

The mechanism of a vapour pen includes the following steps:

1- First of all the pen should be full charged before putting a tank on it.

2- If the device has a button then a five-click press of the button will on the device and similarly five-click press of the button will off the device.

3- When the automatic shutoff limit is reached then the atomizer stops receiving power from the vapour pen.

How to Charge a Vapour Pen?

USB cords are used to charge vapour pens.

The two types of charge cords available for vape pens are listed below:

1- The typical USB cord that is plugged into the vapour pen. It can be plugged into the side or the bottom of the device.

2- A type of connection that can be plugged directly onto the top of the vape pen.

What a Vape Pen Includes?

The components of a typical vape pen are given below:

1- Battery:-

The major component of a vape pen is its battery. Circuit boards are present in wattage controlled devices that help to manage the wattage of the battery or the power output from the battery. This feature allows the users to have certain wattage according to their requirements and hence enjoy a customized vaping experience.

2- Atomizer:-

The atomizer is the component of vape pen that produces vapour from e-liquid. A vape coil is present inside the atomizer that helps to produce the vapour by heating the e-liquid.

3- Mouthpiece:- The tip of the vape pen from where the user inhales the vapour is known as the mouthpiece. Different devices have different shapes of the mouthpieces; you can choose the one that suits you the most.

I hope so that after reading this article you have gathered sufficient information regarding vapour pens to clarify the concept of vapour pens in your mind.

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